Find love with a little help from your friends. At M8, we offer a fun and secure platform for our community to meet like-minded individuals and find long-lasting relationships.


It’s more than just a matchmaking platform— it’s a safe space. At M8, we strive to create a close community built on the tenets of respect, trust, and shared values. By connecting friends with friends, our members naturally form a network of users who have been personally validated, endorsed, and introduced to each other. We aim to form a digital community where you feel comfortable.   


Our culture is defined by the following core values, which inform each and every one of our decisions as a company.

  1. We believe in dedicating ourselves to everything that we do— family, career, significant others— and we want to surround ourselves with like-minded individuals who do the same. 

  2. Dating is a bit like networking— it’s all about your connections. Luckily, we have lots of those. We believe that a strong social life is the key to professional success and personal fulfillment. 

  3. Personal lives should be kept personal. As a platform that values the necessity of privacy, we aim to provide an environment that is safe, secure, and confidential.

  4. We believe that shared culture, values, and background serve as the bedrock to a long-lasting relationship. At M8, we not only aim to foster compatibility and connection on an individual level, but on a larger scale within our community as well.