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Let’s face it: it’s kinda fun to swipe left and right. But when you’re ready to find that special someone, we’re here to help....

Meet M8.

M8 is a human-powered relationship matchmaking platform which takes the best of modern online dating and old-fashioned matchmaking.

We built M8 on the simple premise that the best matches  come from the people who know you best.

M8 turns your real-life friends into matchmakers - who vouch for you via written personal endorsements -- and then make introductions to their extended personal networks.

Endorsements give that key insight into potential compatibility and a warm intro that establishes common ground. Think of it as the missing human link in the evolution of the common dating profile.

And by incorporating two user tracks - Dater and Matchmaker - M8 has something for everybody - whether you’re single, in a relationship, or married with kids.

It's free to get started.

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