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Let’s face it: it’s fun to swipe left and right. But when you’re ready to find that special someone, today's dating apps often fall short. After all, more than half of all couples today still meet through friends, family and co-workers. That old adage still rings true: it's all about who you know.

What if there was an app that leveraged the best of modern online dating and the power of your friends and extended personal network?

Meet M8, a human-powered relationship matchmaking platform. Think of us as a kickstarter for your dating life except the goal is help you find love.

We built M8 on the simple premise that the best matches  come from the people who know you best.

At M8, we turn your real-life friends into matchmakers who introduce you to their friends (and friends of friends) and vouch for you via written personal endorsements. Endorsements provide a human layer to our platform giving matches key insight into potential compatibility, as well as a warm intro that establishes common ground. The end result? A dating app that actually does what it's supposed to do.  

And by incorporating two user tracks - Dater and Matchmaker - M8 has something for everybody - whether you’re single, in a relationship, or married with kids. Also when a Dater gets into a relationship on M8, he or she can simply turn off their dating profile and play Matchmaker. The average person will actually go thru 7 to 8 relationships before finding the one.  We call this - the M8 virtuous cycle. 

It's also free to get started!

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