Looking for some simple ways to get started? Read this:

How does it work?

If you’re like us, you have lots of amazing single friends and you always have someone in mind for them. With M8’s matchmaker-to-matchmaker platform, old world matchmaking has a digital twist.

Sign up as a Matchmaker, and then get to work. First, select the friends that you want to play Cupid with, tell us a little about them, and most importantly, write them an endorsement! When your single friend approves your endorsement, you can start matching them!

What’s a Vouchee?

Glad you asked! Your Vouchees are the single friends you vouched for and are ready to start matching with other singles!

Why connect to other Matchmakers?

When you connect to other Matchmakers, you can start matching your Vouchees to their Vouchees. Plus, we also allow Matchmakers to match with one degree of separation. This means that you can match your Vouchees to the Vouchees of your Matchmaker friend’s Matchmaker friend!

So when you connect with more Matchmakers, suddenly, your pool of matches for your single friends expands.

And you can always match your own Vouchees to each other.

How do you play Matchmaker?

We’re all protective of our friends! So, M8 gives all of our Matchmakers the ability to approve or not approve a suggested match!

How it works: your Matchmaker friend has a great Vouchee that you know would be a great fit for your single friend. You send this introduction over. If the other Matchmaker also vets this match, then the two singles are finally introduced to each other.

Just like in real life, we want the best for our friends, so we do a vetting process before we introduce them to anyone.

Does it cost anything to play Matchmaker?

No way! Matchmakers in Asian societies are absolutely revered, and we adhered to that tradition.

Not only is it absolutely free to play Matchmaker, you get rewarded, too!

How do I get rewarded?

Great question! We have a system of rewards for your hard work.

As a Matchmaker, you get 1 point for every match you try to initiate. If the other Matchmaker approves the introduction, you’re both rewarded 28 points. If both your Vouchees like each other, both you and the other Matchmaker will earn 44 more points!

You redeem use your points for fabulous prizes in our gift shop.

Of course, nothing beats the real-life social rewards for initiating a love connection. Make sure that you ask for a honored spot at that wedding!