Why do you need my Facebook account to use M8?

We use Facebook to authenticate everyone, to make sure the match you’re getting is a real person.

But fear not. If you don’t have a Facebook, you can send us an email at if you want to be a part of our unique matchmaking platform.

We vet every application.

What will you do with my Facebook permissions?

With Facebook permissions it helps us build your profile, including your photo(s). Matches want to know what you look like! We use Facebook to authenticate that you are a real person.

Once you’re in the app, you may change any information at any time.

Will my Facebook friends know I’m using M8?

First thing to know is that your privacy is our highest priority. This is one of the core principles we built M8 upon: there will never be any searchable profiles.

Your Facebook friends will never know you’re using M8 unless you let them know yourselves.

We will never post anything on your Facebook.

Are you going to post on my Facebook?

We do not ever post to your Facebook.

Is my Facebook information safe and private?

Yes, absolutely.

Facebook allows us to connect our app through them by using their APIs. Therefore, we do not have access to your Facebook password and we cannot access this information.

As we have stated, M8 prioritizes your privacy.